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  • Kyoto to Shirakawago day trip

    Kyoto to Shirakawago day trip

    We offer private Kyoto to Shirakawago day trip You can start from Kyoto, Osaka or other major cities along the Tokaido Shinkansen line. It is also possible to take this tour if you are traveling from Kyoto (Osaka) to Tokyo or vice versa. Contact us from here Are you staying in Kyoto and like to…

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  • Sennyuji Temple

    Sennyuji Temple

    Nestled in the serene Higashiyama district of Kyoto, Sennyuji Temple, known as “Mitera,” offers a tranquil retreat. Founded in the 9th century, this temple is a significant site for cultural heritage and historical art. This temple is the head temple of Sennyuji Sect of Shingon School of buddhism. Official WEB site Historical Significance Sennyuji has…

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