Danrinji (檀林寺)

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Near the Gioji Temple, you can find another temple with the tablet of “Danrinji Monzeki”. This is a fake temple constructed in 1964. And it borrowed a name from a historical temple.

Original Danrinji Temple disappeared in the middle of Heian period (check it on Wikipedia). Current Danrinji is not even a reconstruction of the original temple but it is a temple-like small museum established by an antique dealer.

That said, Danrinji’s grounds are well maintained and the autumn foliage is beautiful. Also on display in the Treasure House are clay figures (dogu) from the Jomon period, Buddhist statues from the Asuka and later periods, and even calligraphy of famous authors from the Edo period. There does not seem to be anything of high historical value. Nor I do not even know the authenticity of the exhibits. But if you are interested, please take a look.

Frankly speaking, there is not much reason for you to visit this temple. There are many other beautiful places in Sagano besides Gioji Temple, and it would be more meaningful to spend your time enjoying them.

Nearby spots of Danrinji

Don’t forget to visit Gioji Temple.