Horinji Temple (法輪寺)

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A little south of the Togetsukyo Bridge is Horinji Temple. The Kuzunoi-gu Shrine, also associated with the Hata clan, seems to have existed in the Kofun period. And the temple is an ancient temple said to have been founded by Gyoki in 713. Kukai and Nichiren also trained at this temple.

In the Heian period, Seishonagon mentioned thisTemple as a representative temple in her Makurano-soshi. Togetsu Bridge was also once called Horinji Bridge. You can see the temple’s pagoda from the Togetsu Bridge, which is one of the most famous views of Arashiyama.

Temple’s official WEB site

Horinji Temple
Temple main hall
Horinji Temple Pagoda
Temple Pagoda

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This temple is located just south of the Togetsukyo Bridge.

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