Jikishian Temple (直指庵)

Discover Kyoto’s hidden treasure, Jikishian Temple, nestled in the serene hills of Sagano. Founded in 1646, this historic site reveals the rich legacy of Obaku Zen. Renewed during the Edo period, it boasts a reed-thatched main hall, Aiai Jizo statues for luck in marriage, and vibrant seasonal foliage, especially during fall. Embrace the tranquility of bamboo groves and blooming flowers, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. A limited-time opening during fall foliage season invites you to experience the cultural and natural beauty of Jikishian Temple, an enchanting escape in the heart of Kyoto’s historic landscape.

Jikishian Temple is located on the north side of Daikakuji Temple in Sagano, nestled in the bosom of a mountain. The temple is open to the public for a limited period of time during the beautiful fall foliage.

The temple was founded in 1646 when Zen monk Dokusho established a hermitage.

Dokusho learned Obaku Zen from Zen Master Ingen, a high priest of the Ming Dynasty. And Jikishian became a large temple. However, the temple gradually declined, and only Dokusho’s graveyard remained. Toward the end of the Edo period, the Muraoka no Tsubone rebuilt the temple and made it a Jodo sect temple.

On the temple grounds, there are Kaisando-Do, Mizuko Jizoson, Aiai Jizoson, a statue of memorial Kannon, and the main hall with a reed-thatched roof and a dojo.

The “Aiai Jizo” statues bring good luck to those who wish to marry.

Aiai Jizo, Jikishian

Beautiful bamboo groves surround the temple grounds. Here, camellias, cherry blossoms, and rhododendrons bloom in spring. The maple trees around the main hall, dojo, and kaizando change the color of their leaves from green to yellow, orange, vermilion, and fiery crimson as autumn deepens.

Bamboo grove, Jikishian

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Nearby spots from Jikishian Temple

The famous Daikakuji Temple is located down the hill. Daikakuji used to be a palace of Emperor Saga.

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