Konpukuji Temple (金福寺)

Explore Konpukuji Temple, a haven for Haiku enthusiasts in Kyoto. Founded in 864 and later revitalized by monk Tesshu in the Edo period, it’s a sacred site for Nanzenji Rinzai Zen Buddhism. Renowned poet Matsuo Basho and Tesshu forged a deep bond here, with a hermitage, “Basho-an,” as testimony. Discover the historic “O-no-Mizu” well and Basho-an’s resurrection by Yosa Buson. Wander the hill adorned with tombs of modern haiku poets. With its rich literary legacy, it is a must-visit for those seeking tranquility and poetic inspiration in the heart of Kyoto. #HaikuRetreat #KyotoTemples

About the temple

If you are interested in Haiku or Matsuo Basho, Konpukuji Temple has a trace of Basho and other important Haiku poets.

Konpukuji Temple is a temple of the Nanzenji school of Rinzai Zen Buddhism. It is a sacred place for haiku pilgrims.

Konpukuji Temple was built in 864, and was rebuilt by monk Tesshu in the mid-Edo period. Ititially it was a temple of the Tendai sect of Buddhism. The Temple fell into disrepair as it passed from the Heian to the Edo period.
The monk Tesshu, who lived at the nearby Enkoji Temple, worked hard to rebuild the temple. He restored it as a temple of the Nanzenji School of the Rinzai sect.

Famous haiku poet Matsuo Basho came to this temple to visit Tesshu. The two deepened their friendship. Tesshu named the hermitage where he entertained Basho “Basho-an,” in remembrance of his high style. Near the hermitage, there remains the remains of a well called “O-no-Mizu,” where Tesshu once entertained Basho.

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The Basho-an, where Matsuo Basho and Tesshu developed a close friendship, once fell into disrepair. But later Yosa Buson rebuilt it.

On the hill behind, are the tombs and monuments of Yosa Buson and other haiku poets of the modern period.

Takano Murayama entered Konpukuji Temple and lived there for 14 years as a nun. She ended her life here. She was active at the end of the Edo period. And several novels portray her as the heroine.

Model course to visit Konpukuji Temple

In Ichijoji area of Kyoto, there are several small but beautiful temples.

Nearby spots

Enkoji Temple is where Tesshu used to live. A small temple with beautiful gardens.

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