Koshoji Temple (迎稱寺)

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Koshoji Temple is a temple of the Jishu sect of Buddhism and is close to Shinnyodo and other temples.

Icchin Shonin (1278-1355), the sixth generation of the Yugyo Shonin (leading priests of the Jishu sect), founded this temple. However, there are other stories regarding the origin of this temple.

The wooden structure of Icchin Shonin can be seen during special openings at Chorakuji Temple.

The main deity of Koshoji Temple is a statue of Amida Nyorai. However, it is usually closed to the public.

This temple is known as a sacred place for bush clovers (hagi 萩), and in late September, red and white bush clovers bloom along the earthen walls. Flowers go well with the decaying clay walls. However, there is nothing to see in other seasons.

Instagram to check when the temple is open.

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Shinnyo-do Hall is just around the corner.