Kyutei Omuro (旧邸御室)

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Kyutei Omuro, also known as the Omuro Residence, is a historic, traditional Japanese house. It is in the vicinity of the Ninnaji Temple in Kyoto. This house was built in 1937. And it is a Sukiya style architecture with magnificent decorations. Although this building has a short history, it is representative of Kyoto’s architecture and garden making.

Kyutei Omuro is also famous for its stunning view of the garden reflected on the surface of a well-polished wooden table. One look at this landscape and you will think you have stumbled upon a hidden gem of Kyoto.

It is open to the public during the limited periods of early summer and fall. In early summer, visitors can enjoy the beautiful fresh green foliage. And in autumn, you can enjoy the autumn colors of the trees. So if you happen to be in Kyoto during these times, don’t miss it!

There is an entrance fee, but it is worth it.

Kyutei Omuro official WEB site is here.

Kyutei Omuro
Garden view from the main room in early summer

I took this photo in May 2023. As you can see, the surface of the table reflects the fresh greenery of the garden.

You may not touch or place anything, such as a camera or a smartphone, on the table.


From the main room you can go out into the garden and take a stroll. The garden is built on the slope of a small mountain called Narabigaoka. There is a traditional tea house on the slope, and you can see the five-story pagoda of Ninnaji Temple from around the tea house.

Garden of Kyutei Omuro

Kyutei Omuro Tea Room

You can enjoy a cup of tea (hot or cold) and Japanese traditional sweets in the tea room of the main building (not tea house in the garden). The view from the tea room is also stunning. You can place your camera on the table of the tea room. On the other hand, you cannot place your camera on the table of the main room.

You cannot enter the tea room without ordering a drink. So if you want to take pictures from the tearoom, enjoy a cup of tea.

No meals are served in the tea room.

You may also visit

Ninnaji Temple and Myoshinji Temple are nearby. They are within a walking distance.

Explore historic trails on Narabigaoka with a one-hour hike, revealing panoramic views of Ninnaji Temple. Immerse in nature and history.

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