Rakushi-sha (落柿舎)

Once you cross the JR Sanin Line crossing from Nonomiya Jinja Shrine, the number of tourists becomes much smaller. After a short walk, you will come to Rakushi-sha (Fallen Persimmon Hermitage). It is a hermitage used as a villa by Mukai Kyorai, a disciple of Matsuo Basho. Basho once stayed here and wrote “Saga Nikki (Saga Diary),” a record of his stay. The current building is not the one where Basho stayed at that time.


Next to Rakushi-sha is the tomb of Emperor Saga’s daughter, but it is administered by the Imperial Household Agency and cannot be entered.

This area is said to be the birthplace of Ogura-an (sweet bean paste), and an information board was posted here. Nearby is Ogura Tea House. We had udon and zenzai here. Both are delicious.

Nearby spots from Rakushi-sha

Jojakkoji Temple is located in Saga district. It is situated on forested Ogurayama mountainside, offering stunning views.

Nonomiya JInja Shrine is located near the bamboo grove path in Arashiyama. The torii gate made of black wood (barked sawtooth oak) is unique.