Shusuisha (秀穂舎)

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In Shimogamo Miyakawacho (south of Shimogamo Jinja Shrine), there is the Old Asada Family Residence. This is a remnant of “Shake” built in the middle of the Edo period. Currently, the “Shake” building has been maintained and is open to the public as the Kamosha Museum/Shusuisha.”


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“Shake” refers to the houses of the priests at Shimogamo Shrine. In the stream that flows next to this house, there remains stone steps. This is a place where priests who went to Shimogamo Shrine used water to purify themselves.

Purification place

Historical materials are displayed inside the Shusuisha building, but photography inside is not allowed.

Next to the gate is a stone statue imported from Korea. This stone statue seems to indicate that it is a priest’s house. I don’t know why Korean stone statues are used.

Nearby spots from Shusuisha

Shimogamo Jinja Shrine

Shimogamo Jinja Shrine is the owner of the museum.

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