Book a tour in Kyoto

Packaged ready-made tours and customized private tours are available from and other tour booking services. Their tours offer professional and government-licensed tour guides and may be transport as well. You can book a tour in Kyoto any time on

Book a tour in Kyoto

Kyoto has many places of interest and historic sites that are not listed in guidebooks. There are also many seasonal landscapes and festivals that are unique to the time of year. Many temples and shrines have special openings during certain periods of the year. Consult your guide for advice on where and how to choose a tour in Kyoto during your stay. There are some customizable private tours available.

If you are an individual traveler, an experienced local guide will take you to various places in Kyoto. Prices are fixed and easy to use.

Viator site provides several types of tours and destinations. Those tours are readily available.

On the other hand, if you like to have more personalized touch and customized occasions to explorer Kyoto, then our exclusive guide service may be for you. Our guides will listen to you and then recommend destinations and itineraries to you. This may include places you have never heard of.

Guide fees depend on where you want to go and what you want to see and do. Generally, prices are higher than pre-prepared tours such as those offered by

For example, what temples are open to the public, what flowers are in bloom, what festivals are being held, etc. during your stay in Kyoto. We will take you to places that are not easily accessible by package tours.