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  • Imamiya Jinja Shrine (今宮神社)

    Imamiya Jinja Shrine (今宮神社)

    In the area where Imamiya Jinja Shrine is located, there was a shrine dedicated to the god of plague, Susanoo, before the capital was moved to Heian in 794. 994, when a large-scale epidemic broke out, the Imperial Court built two portable shrines to carry the god of plague, which was worshipped in the area,…

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  • Torin-in Temple (Myoshinji) 東林院

    Torin-in Temple (Myoshinji) 東林院

    You can enjoy Shojin Ryori (zen vegetarian meals) in Torin-in Temple. Torin-in Temple is one of the sub-temples of Myoshinji Temple and is located on the east side of the temple grounds. The temple is usually closed to the public, but you can visit there during some seasonal festivals and on lunch events. The main…

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  • Chikusen Tofu Restaurant (竹仙)

    Chikusen Tofu Restaurant (竹仙)

    Chikusen is a Kyoto cuisine restaurant located in the precincts of Seiryoji Temple. You can enjoy traditional Kyoto cuisine including Yudofu (tofu). The yudofu uses tofu from Morika, a famous Saga tofu store. Official WEB site Nearby spots from Chikusen Restaurant The standing statue of Shakyamuni Buddha in the main hall of Seiryoji Temple is…

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