Daigoji Temple hike Shimo- and Kami-Daigo Hiking

Daigoji Temple hike visits two areas: the upper part of the temple (Kami-Daigo) and the flat area at the western foot where Daigoji Temple is.

Daigoji Temple hiking

Kami-Daigo is on top of the mountain, the birthplace of Daigoji Temple, where Daigo water still gushes out. It takes time just to visit Daigoji temple in Shimo-Daigo, and it takes about one hour one way from Shimo-Daigo to Kami-Daigo. Kami-Daigo also has national treasures and important cultural properties.

Daigoji Temple’s official WEB site

So if you want to see both Shimo-Daigo and Kami-Daigo in detail, it will take you a whole day to get there. Since there are no shops or restaurants on the mountain, it is recommended that you have lunch near Daigoji Temple in Shimo-Daigo and then head to Kami-Daigo.

Daigoji Temple hike

You may start the Daigoji Temple hike from Shimo-Daigo, where current Daigoji Temple is. Daigoji Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site and there are so many things to see.

Daigoji Temple (Shimo-Daigo)


There are several old buildings i Kami-Daigo area. Some of them are national treasures.

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