Daigoji Temple hike Shimo- and Kami-Daigo Hiking

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Daigoji Temple hike visits two areas: the upper part of the temple (Kami-Daigo) and the flat area at the western foot where Daigoji Temple is. If you climb slowly and include a visit to Daigoji Temple and other temples, the trip will take a full day. The hike up to the top of Kami-Daigo mountain alone takes about four hours, including the ascent and descent.

Daigoji Temple hiking

Kami-Daigo is on top of the mountain, the birthplace of Daigoji Temple, where Daigo water still gushes out. It takes time just to visit Daigoji temple in Shimo-Daigo, and it takes about one hour one way from Shimo-Daigo to Kami-Daigo. Kami-Daigo also has national treasures and important cultural properties.

Daigoji Temple’s official WEB site

So if you want to see both Shimo-Daigo and Kami-Daigo in detail, you will spend a whole day. Since there are no shops or restaurants on the mountain, it is recommended that you have lunch near Daigoji Temple in Shimo-Daigo and then head to Kami-Daigo. Alternatively, there are stores around Daigoji Station. So you can get a lunch box and then head out for a hike.

Daigoji Temple hike

You may start the Daigoji Temple hike from Shimo-Daigo, where current Daigoji Temple is.

Daigoji Temple (Shimo-Daigo)

Daigoji Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site and there are so many things to see. And the Temple is famous for cherry blossom viewing held by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Also it has 150,000 pieces of treasures. The museum is a must see. Five-story pagoda is the oldest wooden building in Kyoto.


There are several old buildings in Kami-Daigo area. Some of them are national treasures. These temples are not necessarily photogenic, but they are very important structures in the history of Daigoji.

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