Daishogun Shrine and Yokai Street

Heading south from Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, you will find Ichijyo Yokai Street (Daishogun Shopping Street). It is said that the street was named “Yokai Street” based on a legend that yokai, or mourning gods, once marched along Ichijo Dori in this area. Except for a few yokai dolls placed here and there, the street is usually a normal shopping street. During events, people dressed as yokai parade through the street.

You can check the events of Daishogun Shopping Street on its official Facebook page.

Yokai Street is home to the Daishogun Hachi Shrine that gives the area its name. When the Heian-kyo Capital was built, a shrine dedicated for the star god “Daishogun” was built at the heavenly gate at the northwest corner of the Imperial Palace to prevent bad luck in accordance with the way of Yin-Yang.

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As many as 100 statues of deities are kept in the Hokutokuden, the shrine’s treasure hall. The shrine opens the treasure hall to the public for a few days each year, but otherwise it is closed to the public.

Nearby spots of Daishogun Hachi shrine

Famous Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is within a few minutes walk.