Fujimori Jinja Shrine (藤森神社)

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The legendary Empress Jingu might found the Fujimori Jinja Shrine. If it is so, the shrine had existed long before the capital moved to Heian-Kyo Capital in the year 794.

There are beautiful wisteria tunnels and wisteria arches in the precincts of Fujimori Shrine. In spring, when the wisteria flowers are in full bloom, many people visit the shrine to enjoy them. The wisteria flowers at Fujimori Shrine are especially gorgeous and create a magnificent scene.

Once a year, Fujimori Shrine also holds the Wisteria Festival, in which wisteria flowers are honored as sacred. The purpose of this festival is to display wisteria flowers inside and outside the shrine for visitors to enjoy. During the Wisteria Festival, the shrine is crowded with people and visitors can experience traditional Japanese culture.

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