Fundain Temple (芬陀院), Tofukuji

If you are tired of the crowds at Tofukuji Temple, visit the nearby Fundain Temple, one of Tofukuji’s sub-temples. You can enjoy matcha green tea in front of a tranquil Zen garden. This temple is open to the public all year round.

Fundain Temple is known as “Sesshu Temple” because of its famous garden by Sesshu. Sesshu was born in 1420. He was a famous ink painter and Zen monk active in the Muromachi period.

The south garden is called “Tsurukame no Niwa” (garden of cranes and turtles). It is said to be one of the oldest dry landscape gardens in Kyoto. The style is Zen-in style Karesansui.

Temple’s official WEB site

Nearby spots from Fundain Temple

Main buildings of Tofukuji Temple are within a few minutes walk.

Tentokuin Temple, another sub-temple of Tofukuji Temple is just in front. Tentokuin is famous for its bellflowers in summer and autumn leaves in fall. The temple is open to the public for these times of year.

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