Gansenji Joruriji Hiking

Gansenji Joruriji Hiking is one of the best light hikes that can be done as a day trip from Kyoto. Both Gansenji Temple and Joruriji Temple are located in the mountains of Kizugawa City, near Nara, and offer important cultural assets and national treasures, including buildings and Buddhist statues dating from the Heian and Kamakura periods. Along the hiking route connecting the two temples, stone Buddha statues and Buddhist cliffs are scattered throughout the area. Visitors can also stroll through the beautiful nature and mountain village scenery.

Starting point of the Gansenji Joruriji Hiking

To get to these two temples, take the community bus from JR Kamo Station. It is more downhill from Gansenji to Joururiji, so get off the bus at Gansenji Temple, visit Gansenji Temple, and start walking.

Gansenji Temple is a serene sanctuary in beautiful nature. Renowned for its exquisite architecture, stunning gardens, and valuable cultural treasures, this temple offers visitors a profound and moving experience.

Cliff statues along the Gansenji Joruriji Hiking course

The hiking trail heads left toward the entrance of Gansenji Temple. The trail soon becomes a mountain path, and after a short walk you will see three Jizo statues carved into the rocks.

three jizo statues along Gansenji Joruriji Hiking course

As you walk along, you will see stone Buddhas one after another. Unfortunately, many of the stone Buddhas are damaged or weathered already. They are old stone Buddha statues, so it is inevitable.

The famous Fudo Myoo no Magaibutsu is carved into a rock in the mountain. According to the legend, this Fudo Myoo grants only one wish.

Fudo Myoo no Magaibutsu

The Laughing Buddha consists of three sculptures. It is tilted for some reason. Perhaps it has been like this since the Buddhist sculptor carved it.

The Laughing Buddha

In front of one rock sits Amida Nyorai. On the left side of the rock is Jizo Bosatsu. Both were from 1300s.

There is also a pleasant bamboo grove.

Bamboo forest

Passing through a mountain village, you will come to a roadway. From here, Joruriji Temple is just a short distance away.

the goal of Gansenji Joruriji Hiking

Joruriji Temple is famous for its beautiful gardens, ancient structures, and the rich cultural heritage it embodies. These are a rare and significant example of Heian period Buddhist sculpture. Today, Joruriji Temple is the only temple where nine Amitabha Buddha statues remain.

There are some restaurants and a souvenir shop in front of the Joruriji Temple gate. If you start walking from Gansenji Temple, it should be past noon. So let’s have lunch at one of the restaurants.

Tour guide

If you need a tour guide that accompanies you for the hiking, please contact us from here. Day tour is available from Kyoto.

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