Himukai Dai-jingu Shrine (日向大明神)

The Himukai Dai-jingu Shrine is a shrine known as a god of good luck, protection from bad luck, and match-making. It originated at the end of the 5th century, when a sacred site on the peak of Takachiho in Hyuga, Tsukushi, moved here. Later, Emperor Tenchi donated the Kanda, and named the mountain where the shrine is located Hinomiyama.

A fire destroyed the shrine during the Onin War (1467-77), but a benevolent families rebuilt the shrine, and in 1614, Tokugawa Ieyasu restored the shrine’s lost territory.

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Amano-Iwato, a rock with a hole big enough for one person to pass through, is also famous in Himukai Daijingu Shrine. If one visits the Tokakushi shrine located around the corner and passes through the Amano-Iwato, sins and impurities will be purified.

mano-Iwato cave of Himukai-Dai-Myojin Shrine
Amano-Iwato cave

Model course to visit Himukai Dai-jingu

A hiking course of the Higashiyama Course of the Kyoto Trail visit the shrine.

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