Hosenin Temple (宝泉院) in Ohara

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Hosenin temple is a temple of the Tendai sect in Ohara. Together with the Jikkoin Temple, it is a sub-temple of the Shorinin Temple.

As visitors enter through the temple gate, they see before them a temple’s symbol, a 700-year-old goyomatsu (five-leaf pine tree). Because it is a large and precious goyomatsu tree, “Hosenin no goyomatsu” was registered as a natural monument of Kyoto City in April 1991.

Goyomatsu pine at Hosenin
Goyomatsu or five-leaf pine tree

Hosenin has three gardens: Bankanen, Trurukameen, and Horakuen. Visitors first go up to the tatami room to view Bankanen and the famous Goyomatsu (five-leaf pine tree), using the pillars and the Kamoi gate of the shoin (drawing room) as a frame. For this reason, Bankanen has another name, “framed garden”.

The “framed garden” is as beautiful as a dream. Visitors enjoy matcha green tea and Japanese sweets while admiring the garden. Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets are included in the entrance fee.

In the corridor surrounding the tatami room, there is the Momoyama Castle Blood Ceiling. This is a ceiling made from the floor of the place where Tokugawa warriors committed suicide in Fushimi Castle, as a memorial to those who committed suicide.

blood ceiling

Temple’s official WEB site

Model courses to visit Hosenin

Walking tour of Ohara is a good one-day program. You can visit temples in seclusion.

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