Jakkoin Temple (寂光院) in Ohara

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Jakkoin Temple in Ohara is a nunnery of the Tendai sect of Buddhism. This is the temple where Kenreimonin, daughter of Taira no Kiyomori, spent the rest of her life.

Jakkoin Temple

History of Jakkoin Temple

In 594 Prince Shotoku built the temple to mourn the loss of his father, Emperor Yomei.

The first abbot was Tamateru Hime, the consort of Prince Shotoku. But there is no details available after Tamateru Hime. The second abbot was Awa no Naiji, who entered the temple in 1165. Before her ordination, she served Kenreimonin at court. Awa no Naiji could be the model for “Oharame”. Oharame were women engaged in agriculture in Ohara who wore distinctive costumes and went to Kyoto to sell their products.

The third abbot, Kenreimonin entered the temple in 1185. She was a daughter of Taira no Kiyomori, the wife of Emperor Takakura, and the mother of Emperor Antoku. After the defeat in the battle of Genpei, she lived in Jakkoin Temple with her attendants for the rest of her life, mourning for the Heike clan that perished at Dannoura and for her son, the Emperor Antoku.

The inner sanctuary and pillars of the main hall had been passed down through generations, retaining the Asuka-Fujiwara style and the style of the Heike Monogatari period with each renovation. In addition, Toyotomi Hideyori repaired the outer sanctuary in 1603 in the Momoyama style. Later, in the early Edo period, Toyotomi Hideyori, Yodo no Kimi, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and others took part in the restoration of the temple.

The garden on the west side in front of the main hall, which appears in “The Tale of the Heike”. At the center there is a pond, Shinji-ike.

Fire in 2000

A fire destroyed the main image (Important Cultural Property) from the Kamakura period in 2000. The temple restored it and it is now in a storage room in the back of the temple grounds. The statue of Jizo you see now in the main hall is an exact replica of the original.

After the destruction by fire in 2000, The temple restored the present main hall in accordance with the old style after the fire.

Temple’s official WEB site

Model courses to visit Jakkoin

Walking tour of Ohara is a good one-day program. You can visit temples in seclusion.

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