Kawai Jinja Shrine (河合神社)

Kawai Jinja Shrine, a daughter shrine of Shimogamo Jinja Shrine, is worshipped as the protector of women. It enshrines Tamayorihime no Mikoto, the mother of Emperor Jimmu. Tamayorihime no Mikoto, renowned for her jewel-like beauty, is deeply revered as the god of beauty. Kawai Shrine distributes mirror ema as beautiful prayer ema.

The Kawai Jinja Shrine is also closely associated with Kamo no Chomei. He is one of the three most famous writers of Japanese literature. He spent his childhood as the son of a priest of the Kawai Shrine. Today, the Kawai Shrine houses the Hojo hermitage, a reproduction of the building where Chomei spent the last years of his life.

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Near by spots from Kawai Jinja Shrine

This shrine is located within the precincts of Shimogamo Jinja Shrine.

Shusuisha museum is an old priest’s house. It is located just south of the Shimogamo Jinja Shrine torii gate.

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