Manshu-in Temple (曼殊院)

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Manshu-in is a monzeki temple located in Ichijodani. From Enkoji Temple, you will pass through a residential area and walk along a path called Manshuin-do (Manshuin Road), which leads to a wooded area. After passing through there, you will see Manshuin Temple.

Manshu-in was originally opened by Saicho as a dojo on Mt. Hiei. It moved to its present location in 1656. Manshu-in is one of the Gokashitsu monzeki of the Tendai sect of Buddhism in Kyoto.

The buildings, including the large drawing room, small drawing room, and tea ceremony room, are Important Cultural Properties. The painting of Yellow Fudo Myooo (Fudo Myooo in colors on silk) and the Kokin Waka Shu (Anthology of Poems) (Manshuuin version) are National Treasures.

In front of the large shoin, a karesansui (dry landscape) garden extends, with crane and turtle islands in the sand representing the flow of water. The small shoin represents a houseboat quietly moving on the surface of the water.
The 400-year-old five-leaf pine tree on Crane Island represents a crane. At the base of the pine tree is a Christian lantern.

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Manshu-in Temple
Manshu-in Temple

Model courses to visit Manshu-in Temple

There are several small but beautiful temples in Ichijoji area of Kyoto.

Manshu-in is one of Kyoto Gokashitsu Monzeki temples. Gokashitsu Monzeki temples are prestigious temples among Tendai Sect temples.

Nearby spots

You can combine with nearby temples such as Enkoji, Shisendo and Konpukuji temples.

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