Reigen-in Temple (霊源院)

Reigen-in is one of the sub-temples located in the southeast of the Kenninji temple grounds. It was founded in the Ouei era (1394-1428) by Ryuzan Tokumi, a monk who was invited to found the temple, and his disciple Ichian Ichirin. Reigen-in Temple was the academic core of Kenninji Temple and produced many of the leading scholars of the Gozan School in the Muromachi period.

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Reigen-in Gardens

The garden, called ” Kanro-tei”, extends to the southwest of the temple grounds and can be viewed from the main hall. The garden depicts the life of Buddha Shakyamuni from his birth to his death. It is known as the “garden of Sweet Hydrangea (amacha)” because many Sweet Hydrangea trees are planted in the garden. The garden is open to the public when the Sweet Hydrangea is in bloom.

Nearby spots

You can visit Kenninji Temple and its sub-temples. Many sub-temples are open for public during limited special opening period only. So please confirm with your guide.

Apart from Kenninji, Rokuharamitsuji Temple is also not far. There, you cannot enjoy gardens but see the famous Kuya statue.

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