Rokudo Chinnoji (六道珍皇寺)

Rokudo Chinnoji Temple is one of the sub-temples of Kenninji Temple. The main deity is Yakushi Nyorai, but the temple is known for its statues of Ono-no Takamura and King Enma. We cannot take photos of these statues unfortunately.

Do you like to see the entrance to under world? Rokudo Chinnoji Temple is the place.

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Rokudo chinoji Temple
Rokudochinoji Temple

The area where the temple is located was once called “Rokudo-no-Tsuji”. It was the border between this world and the next world after death for the people of Kyoto.


Ono-no Takamura was a lord in the early Heian period. And the legend says that he used to pass through the underworld at night to serve King Enma. Enma is the lord of the Buddhist hell, or underworld. And he is the god who, as king of the underworld, judges the sins of the dead in their lifetime.

Ono-no Takamura was an officer of the imperial government in the daytime. During the night, he worked as an officer of the underground world.

A well remains where Ono-no Takamura had passed to the underworld.

Takamura's well
Takamura’s well

Nearby spots

Kenninji Temple and its sub-temples are very close. Since Rokudo Chinnoji itself does not have many things to see, you’d better combine with other nearby temples. Sub-temples of Kenninji are usually open for the public only during special opening events. Please consult with your guide.

Rokuharamitsuji Temple has famous statue of Kuya.

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