Shoseien Garden (渉成園)

Shoseien Garden is a garden managed by Higashi Honganji Temple, where the third shogun, Tokugawa Iemitsu, donated the land in 1641 and created a garden with the style of Ishikawa Jozan. In 1936, the garden was designated a national place of scenic beauty.

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This garden creates an oasis in a busy district of Kyoto. Visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers and autumn leaves. This garden is within walking distance of Kyoto Station, making it a good place to stop by when you have time.

13 views of Shoseien

In the park, there are beautiful buildings and landscapes named “Shoseien’s Thirteen Views” by the Edo period historian Rai Sanyo.

Nearby spots

The current owner of the garden, the Higashi-Honganji Temple, is within easy reach.

Heading east from the garden and crossing the Shichijo Ohashi Bridge, you will find the Kyoto National Museum, Toyokuni Shrine, Sanjusangendo, Yogen-in Temple, Chishakuin Temple, and Myohoin Temple.

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