Toyokuni Jinja Shrine (豊国神社)

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The head shrine of Toyokuni Jinja Shrines in Japan, which enshrine Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It is a god of success in life and the fulfillment of good marriage.

This shrine was originally located halfway up Amidagamine. However, the Tokugawa Shogunate abandoned it after the fall of the Toyotomi family. In 1880, the Meiji government rebuilt the shrine on the site of the Great Buddha Hall of Hokoji Temple to honor the virtues of Hideyoshi.

Karamon Gate, a national treasure, had been the castle gate of Fushimi Castle. Although there is no written record. This gate was moved to Nijo Castle after Fushimi Castle was closed. Later, it was moved to the Kanjiin Temple of Nanzenji Temple. In 1880, it was again moved to its present location when the Toyokuni Jinja was rebuilt.

Toyokuni Jinja Karamon gate

It is a shikyakumon (four pillars) with a karahafu (Chinese gable), and the carvings on the transoms and doors recall the splendid style of the Momoyama Period. It is rare to see a karamon gate in a shrine.

Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

Admission is free except the treasure house where some Important Cultural Properties are in exhibition.

Nearby spots from Toyokuni Jinja Shrine

Hokoji Temple is just next door.

Kyoto National Museum

Check the exhibition before visiting Kyoto National Museum.

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