Tsukiyomi Jinja Shrine (月読神社)

From Matsuo-taisha Shrine, walk south along the edge of Mt. Matsuo for a while and you will find Tsukiyomi Jinja Shrine. This shrine is a regent of Matsuo-taisha Shrine, but it is an old shrine that appears in the Engi-shiki. It is said that the Iki Clan originally worshipped a maritime deity on the island of Iki. They might have come to this area together with the Hata Clan.

The deity of this shrine is Amenotorihune-no-kami. This deity is one of the gods in Japanese mythology. It also seems to symbolize the ship on which the gods ride.

Also Tsukiyomi Jinja Shrine is home to the “Tsukiyoseki” stone. This stone is associated with Empress Jingu and is the birthplace of the belief in safe childbirth. For this reason, the shrine is widely known as a “shrine of safe childbirth protection” to this day. Since ancient times, it has been customary for mothers to visit the shrine on the “day of the dogs”. The pregnant mothers wish for a peaceful and inexpensive delivery of their newborn babies.

Tsukiyomi Jinja Shrine
Tsukiyomi Jinja Shrine

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Matsuo-taisha Shrine is only about five-minute walk away.

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