Yasaka Shrine (八坂神社)

About the Shrine

Yasaka Shrine is an old shrine that has been here since before the capital moved to Heian-kyo (present Kyoto) in 794. And it has been popularly called “Gion-san”. The main deity, Susanoo-no-Mikoto, is believed to be the god of purification from all kinds of misfortune, and many gods are enshrined in numerous sub-shrines within the shrine grounds.

The main hall of Yasaka Shrine is a National Treasure. In addition, a total of 29 other buildings both inside and outside the shrine grounds are designated as Important Cultural Properties.

Shrine’s official WEB site

Yasaka Jinja Shrine
Yasaka Shrine

The world-famous Gion Festival is a festival of this shrine. It is one of the three major festivals in Japan. This festival began about 1150 years ago (Heian period) to pray for the suppression of plague and disease.

Nearby spots from Yasaka Shrine

Chionin Temple is within a few minutes walk from the Shrine. You just go through the Maruyama Park behind the shrine to the north. You will soon see a huge Sanmon gate of Chion-in Temple.

If you go south from the Maruyama Park, you can easily reach to Kodaiji Temple and Kiyomizu Temple. This is a pleasant walking route but usually very clouded.

Less well known to tourists in the vicinity of Yasaka Shrine is a temple located along the mountain to the east of Maruyama Park. Chorakuji Temple and Anyoji Temple are particularly interesting.

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