Yoshimizu-benzaitennyo-do Temple (吉水辨財天女堂)

Yoshimizu-Benzaitennyo-do (Yoshimizu Benzaitennyo Hall) is located on the east side of Maruyama Park. This area used to be the precincts of Anyoji Temple. But when the temple moved in Meiji era, only this hall remained here.

Yoshimizu-Benzaitennyo-do Temple

The name “Yoshimizu” comes from the fact that a sacred spring of “good water” has been springing in this area since ancient times. In one corner of the temple grounds is a well said to have been used by Honen.

The temple has a long history. During the Kenkyu era (1190-1199), priest Jien of Shoren-in Temple rebuilt Anyoji Temple. At that time, he asked Benzaiten (a goddess of mercy) to come from Mount Hiei.

The temple has a hidden Buddha statue. Its door opens once every 60 years in the year of the snake. A legend says that if someone opens the door carelessly, the person will loose eyesight.

In the northeast corner of the temple grounds, there is a stone tahoto (多宝塔) pagoda dating from the Kamakura period (1185-1333). It is an important cultural property. However, it is located behind the building and there is no information board, so it is little known.

Nearby spots from Yoshimizu-Benzaitennyo-do Temple

Anyoji Temple is the owner of the land. The main hall is at the top of the stone steps.

Chorakuji Temple is located east of Yasaka Jinja Shrine, up the hill from Maruyama Park.

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