Jojakkoji Temple (常寂光寺)

The area around Jojakkoji Temple is quiet as if it were another world. It is just a short walk from Arashiyama, which is always crowded with tourists.

Jojakkoji Temple is a Buddhist temple located in the scenic Saga district. It is on a forested Ogurayama mountainside, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The temple is famous for its beautiful autumn foliage, making it a popular destination for tourists during the fall season.

Jojakkoji Temple

Jojakkoji Temple was founded in the 16th century by the priest Nisshin. He was a disciple of the famous tea master Sen no Rikyu. The temple belongs to the Nichiren sect of Buddhism. Throughout its history, the temple has undergone several reconstructions and renovations, but it still retains its tranquil and traditional atmosphere.

jojakkoji temple

Temple’s official WEB site

The temple gate of Jojakkoji Temple is from the late Edo period. Behind it is the Niomon Gate. Niomon was originally built as the south gate of the Guest Hall of Honkokuji Temple during the Jowa Period (1345-49), and was moved to its present location in 1616, making it the oldest structure in Jojakkoji Temple. The statue of Niou may be a masterpiece of Unkei.

Jojakkoji main hall
Main Hall of Jojakkoji Temple

The mountain on which the temple stands is Mt. Ogura, the site of the poem “Hyakunin Isshu” (One Hundred Poems). The garden built on the slope is beautiful. The temple is famous for its maple trees.

Seasons in Jojakkoji Temple

You can enjoy Jojakkoji Temple all year round. I especially recommend May for the fresh green foliage and November for the autumn leaves. It is also beautiful in winter when it is covered with snow.

The pagoda is from 1620. The scenery of Sagano is wonderful.

Jojakkoji pagoda

Fujiwara Teika’s villa used to be in the area around the temple. And he compiled the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu here.

Model courses to visit Jojakkoji Temple

What about a course from Arashiyama to Saga? It is a one-day course with a slow walk.

Nearby sites

Nison-in temple is the nearest temple and it is only five-minutes walk.

Both Gioji Temple and Takiguchidera Temple have tales of blighted loves in the Heian period.

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