Arashiyama to Saga walking tour

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The tour will start around Togetsukyo bridge or Arashiyama Station of Keifuku Electric Railway, which is crowded with tourists, and pass Tenryuji Temple, Bamboo Grove Path, Jojakkoji Temple, Nison-in Temple, and Gioji Temple before reaching Adashino Nenbutsuji Temple in Toriimoto. On the way back to the Station, the tour will stop at Seiryoji Temple.

The Arashiyama area is full of tourists, but once we reach Saga, the number of people decreases dramatically, and at Toriimoto, the number of tourists becomes sparse.

This course is about 7km long. It will be a half-day or one day walking experience.

Arashiyama area

The Arashiyama area is one of the most visited areas in Kyoto. Tenryuji Temple is a World Heritage site, and its gardens in particular are a must-see.

For a people-free photo of the famous Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, an early morning visit is recommended.

Saga Area

If you cross the JR railroad near the Bamboo grove, you will find yourself in an area called Saga. There are several quiet temples near the mountains.

The Joujakkoji Temple beckons visitors to explore its beautiful garden during the seasons of spring, early summer, and autumn.

Nison-in is home to the graves of aristocrats and famous people.

Gioji Temple tells the story of a tragic love story from the Heian period.

Adashino used to be a grave yard. You can find a lot of tomb stones gathered on the ground of Adashino Nenbutsuji Temple.

Seiryouji Temple has a national treasure, a Buddha statue, which came from India. The garden is also beautiful. You can see these during special openings.

You may need a full day to walk through this course. Recommended seasons are early summer to see lush green and late autumn to enjoy changing colors of leaves.

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