Togetsukyo Bridge (渡月橋)

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The Togetsukyo Bridge spans the Katsura River. It’s always crowded with tourists, but the view from here is spectacular. No wonder so many travelers come here.

It is said that the bridge was first built by the monk Dosho during the Shōwa period (834-848), and that Ryōi Suminokura built the bridge in its present location later. The bridge in use today was completed in June 1934.

The bridge was named Togetsukyo, which means a moving-moon-bridge, because Emperor Kameyama commented that the moon moving over the bridge “looks as if a full moon is crossing the bridge in the cloudless night sky”.

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Togetsukyo Bridge
with cherry blossoms

Early morning visits are recommended to enjoy the quiet scenery. Because the Bridge and neighboring Arashiyama area are always full of tourists in the day time.

Nearby spots from Togetsukyo bridge

You can see the Horinji Temple‘s pagoda from the Togetsukyo Bridge, which is one of the most famous views of Arashiyama.

Tenryuji Temple is a World Heritage site. Don’t miss its Japanese garden.

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