Kogenji Temple (弘源寺), Tenryuji

Kogenji is one of the pagodas of Tenryuji Temple, a World Heritage Site. It is located just north of the Imperial Gate of Tenryuji Temple. It is famous for the standing statue of Bishamonten and the Kosho Garden, a dry landscape garden.

Kogenji’s Bishamonten stature is an important cultural property. The Bishamonten statue is open to the public all year round. So you can see it at any time.

Bishamonten hall of Kogenji

The Kosho garden, on the other hand, is open only during limited seasons, usually in spring and fall.

Mochiyuki Hosokawa, a regent of the Muromachi Shogunate, founded this temple in 1429. The Hosokawa family descended from the Seiwa Genji clan. And Mochiyuki was the ninth generation of the Hosokawa family after the separation from the Ashikaga family.

When the temple was founded, it was a large temple with a vast area extending from Nison-in temple in the north to Kameyama in the south. The temple has since been destroyed by fire several times. Also it has undergone many changes over the years.

Temple’s official WEB site

Tours to visit Kogenji Temple

Tenryuji Shichifukujin is a tour of the seven gods of good fortune in seven sub-temples of Tenryuji Temple.

Nearby spots

Of course you can visit Tenryuji Temple.

When Kogenji Temple is open to the public, the other sub-temple, Hogonin Temple, is also often open. Hogonin Temple is famous for its beautiful garden. So you can visit there as well.

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