Nanzenji Temple (南禅寺)

Nanzenji Temple was founded in 1291 by Hōhō Kameyama with Daimyō Kokushi as its master, and is regarded as one of the most prestigious temples in the Zen sect. Upon entering the temple grounds, one is first surprised by the size of the Sanmon Gate, an important cultural property. This is the place where Ishikawa Goemon shouted in the Kabuki play, “It’s a great view!”

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Nanzenji Sanmon Gate
Sanmon Gate

The temple is popular not only for cherry blossoms in spring, green maples in early summer, and autumn leaves in fall, but also as a cooling spot in summer.

Nanzenji Sanmon Gate
Sanmon Gate

Entry to the temple grounds is free. However, there is a fee to visit the Sanmon Gate, Hojo Garden, and Nanzen-in Temple.

The famous Suirokaku (waterway) runs through the temple grounds and adds color to the temple.

Nanzenji Suirokaku
Suirokaku (November)

Model courses to visit Nanzenji Temple

The Kyoto Gozan are important temples of the Rinzai sect in Kyoto. They include, from highest rank, Tenryuji TempleShokokuji TempleKenninji TempleTofukuji Temple, and Manjuji Temple, with Nanzenji Temple as the specially ranked temple.

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