Narabigaoka (双ヶ丘)

Narabigaoka, a scenic hill in Kyoto’s Ukyo-ku. Explore historic trails with a one-hour hike, revealing panoramic views of Ninnaji Temple. Immerse in nature and history at this national scenic beauty spot. It also boasts 24 burial mounds, forming the burial mound complex.

Ninnaji Temple from Narabigaoka
Ninnaji Temple from the top of Narabigaoka

Narabigaoka is a hill in Omuro, Kyoto City. It is named after the 116-meter-high First Hill on the north side and the lower Second and Third Hills on the south side. It is a national scenic beauty spot.

There are a total of 24 burial mounds on three hillsides, forming the Narabigaoka burial mound complex.

Located in the northwestern suburbs of Heian-kyo, the area has long been a hunting ground for emperors. At the foot of the mountain, there were also many villas owned by aristocrats. One of these, the residence of Kiyohara Natsuno, Minister of the Right, later became Houkongoin Temple.

A famous writer Yoshida Kenko, the author of “Tsurezuregusa,” lived for a time at the western foot of the hill. His tomb and a monument are located in the precincts of nearby Chosenji Temple.

The hills are long in a north-south direction. There are many hiking trails. It takes about one hour to climb up and come down by any of the routes. From the top of the hill you can have a panoramic view of Ninnaji Temple.

On the east side of the hill, there is a walking path through the trees. This allows visitors to enjoy hiking without having to climb the hill.

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Nearby spots from Narabigaoka

Myoshinji Temple and Houkongoin Temple stand at the western foot of the hill, and Ninnaji Temple stands at the northern foot.

Ninnaji Temple complex covers a vast area and features numerous important cultural assets.

The combination of vast temple grounds, gardens, and Zen heritage makes Myoshinji Temple a significant cultural and spiritual destination in Kyoto.

Only local people know the flower temple Houkongoin Temple in Hanazono Area of Kyoto. It is commonly called “Lotus Temple”.

Kyutei Omuro is a traditional house located in Kyoto. It’s famous for stunning view of the garden reflected on the surface of a wooden table.

Another good hiking course is a mountain path “Omurojojusan” behind the Ninaji Temple. This hiking course visits 88 small temples representing a historical pilgrimage route in Shikoku Island.

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