Nison-in Temple (二尊院)

Nison-in Temple is located north of Jojakkoji Temple. Passing through the main gate is a wide path called “Momiji no Baba”. Straight ahead is a wall. The history of Nison-in Temple dates back to the third Tendai Zashu (Ennin). He built the temple in the Jowa period (834-848) at the request of Emperor Saga.

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Nison-in is said to derive its name from the fact that it has two principal images. One is the “Hakken no Shaka” and another one is the “Raigo-no Amida”. The two main images are from the Nara period (710-794), and both are important cultural properties.

Later, due to its role in protecting the Buddhist temple in the Kyoto Imperial Palace, a cemetery was built for the former imperial family and other prominent Kyoto families. There are the graves of the Takasu, Nijo, Sanjo, Shijo, Sanjonishi, and Saga families, Ryooi Kadokura, and the Edo period Confucian scholar Ninsai Ito.

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