Philosopher’s Path (哲学の道)

Philosopher’s Path is a beautiful 2-kilometer walkway that connects Ginkakuji Temple and Nanzenji Temple. The name “Philosopher’s Path is not official one. The name is familiar because the surrounding scenery and serene atmosphere make it an ideal place for philosophical contemplation; it is named after the early 20th century philosopher, Kitaro Nishida, a professor at Kyoto University, who used to walk this path every morning to indulge in his thoughts. The canal that runs along the side of the path is a waterway drawn from Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. Personally, I recommend the Path during the flowering season rather than the autumn leaves.

Visit temples along the Philosopher’s Path

There are several shrines and temples of interests along the path.

Wakaoji Shrine

Kounji Temple

Ootoyo Jinja Shrine

Reikanji Temple

Anrakuji Temple has a very sad origin. If you visit the temple, you can hear this story directly from the attendant at the temple.

Leaving the Path before reaching Ginkakuji, visitors find the Honen-in Temple. The temple is famous for its autumn leaves.

The Ginkakuji Temple is at the north end of the Path. For Ginkakuji Temple, there is no best season since there is something to look forward to in each of the four seasons.

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