Shinnyo-do (真如堂)

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When you pass through the north gate of Konkai Komyoji Temple, Shinnyo-do Hall is immediately ahead of you. Its official name is Shinsho-Gokurakuji Temple. It is a temple of the Tendai sect, with Hieizan Enryakuji as its head temple. And it was founded in 984. Its common name, Shinnyo-do, refers to the main hall. The main hall was rebuilt in the Edo period. It is an important cultural property. The main image of the standing Amida Nyorai is from the Heian period. It is also an Important Cultural Property.

Shinnyo-do official WEB site

Shinnyodo Hall has a karesansui (dry landscape garden) Nehan (Nirvana) garden and a modern Zuien garden to enjoy.

Special opening day of Shinnyo-do

On November 15 of each year, the altar where the principal image of the temple resides welcomes the public. Visitors can enter the inner sanctum of the main hall for an up-close view.

The standing statue of Amida Nyorai in the center of the Alter is an Important Cultural Property, created by Jikaku Daishi Ennin, a high priest of Mount Hiei in the Heian period. It is the oldest standing statue of the Amida Nyorai among the nine raigo-in statues. Fudo Myoo and Senju Kannon stand on both sides.

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