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Ito Jakuchu was a painter of the Edo period. He was born in 1716 as the eldest son of Masuya, a greengrocery wholesaler in Nishiki Market, Kyoto. 1755, he handed over the reigns of the family to his younger brother, who was three years younger than him, and retired.

Jakuchu left numerous works. Some of them are designated as national treasures. In recent years, Jakuchu’s popularity has increased, and exhibitions of his work have been held.

In his later years, he went into seclusion at Sekihoji Temple. Jakuchu left many works before he reached the age of 85. But in his later years, he devoted himself to creating the Five Hundred Arhats stone statues at Sekihoji Temple and ceiling paintings. He died in 1800, at the age of 85. After his death, he was buried in the temple. Jakuchu’s tombs are located in two places, one at Shokokuji Temple, which he made before his death, and the other at Sekihoji Temple.


  • Konkai Komyoji Temple (金戒光明寺)

    Konkai Komyoji Temple (金戒光明寺)

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  • Sekihoji Temple (石峰寺) Temple associated with Ito Jakuchu

    Sekihoji Temple (石峰寺) Temple associated with Ito Jakuchu

    Sekihoji Temple is a temple of the Őbaku school of Zen Buddhism. The temple has distinctive Chinese-style gates, which is a characteristic of Obaku School. It is the place where Ito Jakuchu built a hamplet and spent the last years of his life. You can find his cemetery in the temple ground (there is his…

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