Taizo-in (Myoshinji) 退蔵院

One of the sub-temples near the Myoshinji Butsuden is Taizo-in Temple. This temple is home to the National Treasure “Hyonenzu,” the historic site and place of scenic beauty “Motonobu’s Garden,” a dry landscape garden, and the pond garden “Yokoen,” a garden with a circular garden. Unfortunately, Hyonenzu is not open to the public and you can see a reproduction of it .

Taizo-in Official WEB site

Taizo-in gerdens

Temple’s garden is lovely, so a visit is highly recommended. The famous weeping cherry tree is located in the dry landscape garden near the entrance to the garden.

The temple accepts the group tours of foreigners. There is a monk speaks English. Group size must be 10 persons and over. You can experience maccha tea serving and/or zazen meditation in addition to the temple tour. If you are interested, please contact to the temple directly or consult with your guide.

Nearby spots

When visiting Taizo-in Temple, why not visit Myoshinji Temple and its sub-temples, such as Keishun-in Temple, together? There are numerous other sub-temples, such as Tōrin-in, but you can only enter them during events.

Another temple famous for its flowers, Houkongoin temple, is a 10-minute walk away.

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