Zuiho-in (瑞峯院), Daitokuji

Zuiho-in is a sub-temple of Daitokuji Temple. This temple is usually open to the public.

In 1535, Otomo Sorin, known as a Christian daimyo, built Zuiho-in as the family temple of the Otomo family. The guest hall, front gate, and Karamon gate that remain from the time of its construction are important cultural properties. The “Dokuza garden” and “Kanmin garden” around the Hojo were both created in 1961 by Mirei Shigemori to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the founder’s death.

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The “Kanmin Garden” is also called the “Cross Garden”. Because the stones are arranged in a cross pattern, with four stones arranged vertically and three horizontally. This implies that the founder Otomo Sorin was a Christian. It is an interesting attempt to hide a cross in the garden of a Buddhist temple.

At this temple, you can enjoy matcha while looking out at the garden.

Nearby spots from Zuiho-in

Zuiho-in is located in the precinct of the Daitokuji Temple.

Korin-in is next door, but is only open to the public at certain times.

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