Rokuharamitsuji Temple (六波羅蜜寺)

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History of Rokuharamitsuji Temple

Kuya Shonin, a son of the then Emperor Daigo, founded .Rokuharamitsuji Temple in 951. Kuya Shonin felt life in all things, praised Namu Amidabutsu, and chanted the Nembutsu with joy and dancing, rejoicing in the fact that today exists.

Rokuharamitsuji Temple used to have a vast temple complex. And the mansions of the Heike clan, including Taira no Kiyomori, stood side by side in the area. Although the temple was destroyed by fire several times in wars, it was rebuilt, but fell into ruin after the Meiji period.

Temple’s official WEB site

Rokuharamitsuji Temple
Temple building (main hall)

Despite repeated fires and devastation, Rokuharamitsuji Temple is home to many important cultural properties. This includes the famous statue of Kuya Shonin. The standing image of the eleven-faced Kannon, a national treasure, is a hidden treasure and is opened only once every 12 years.

Source: Tokyo National Museum (

Nearby spots

Kenninji Temple, famous for its gardens and cultural assets, is nearby. Kenninji Temple is a World Heritage Site.

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